The Catastrophe Orchestra is a constantly changing lineup of performers thrown into collaborative situations without preparation. Although conceived by Deftly-D as a new path from the ideas of Zero Times Infinity, anyone who has been in the Catastrophe Orchestra more than once can lead a Catastrophe Orchestra performance. By definition the Catastrophe Orchestra is never capable of sounding the same way twice.

History of The Catastrophe Orchestra

FRI 10-30-2001: At DRUM and NoiZe, the largest C.O. top date featuring

An amazingly tight set for such a cacophenous crew. Scorpion Bowl and Tintern's drumming held everyone tight. With multiple climaxes and an over 40 minute set ending in and explosion of equipment shrapnel this was possibly the best C.O. to date and begs for more C.O.'s in the very near future.
pictures will be posted at the DRUM and NoiZe site.

FRI 2-25-2000: At WJUL Lowell, the C.O. formed from members of POSITIVELY REVOLTING, CONTROL VOLTAGE, TRUE AGE, and ZERO TIMES INFINITY. Lasted only 10 minutes.

FRI 7-2-1999: At WJUL Lowell, the C.O. formed from members of POSITIVELY REVOLTING, TURPENTINE CONSUMPTION, and ZERO TIMES INFINITY. Heavily percussive performance laced around minimal electronics. One of the better C.O. performances. Total # participants estimated at 8.

THR 5-27-1999: At the VOIX in Lowell, the C.O. formed from members Deftly-D, Hex, Ashlie Taylor (Fear Of Possibility), Howie Stelzer, Spare Parts, Mr. E (OJAMOJ), and Darryl Hell (Abstinence, Operation:Mindwipe, EBN) with video interaction by Roland Adams (EBN). A wall of impure noise.

FRI 3-23-1999: At the Mobius in Boston, the C.O. spirit possessed a collaboration between Zero Times Infinity, Asmodeus Specter, Plastic Razor Protector, rosS Hamlin, The Very, and Songs of Silt with Dr T improvising video. The sound was a cosmic slop similar in essence to the first C.O. incarnation but different in every way. Total # participants estimated at 12 (a new record).

FRI 2-19-1999: Again at WJUL during High Volt Live #6 the C.O. appeared. This time the show featured GASR, along with vets Deftly-D, Hex, and Tyler Newman. An amazingly well constructed performance sounding like electro laced with loops of screaming harmonizing hermaphrodite elves clanging on rythmic fire bells with lead literary vocals reminiscent of Edward KaSpell.

FRI 7-10-1998: Again at WJUL during High Volt Live #5 the C.O. appeared. This time the show featured members of RUPTURED PSYCHE (from Burlington VT), PHANTOM POWER, Recursive Occlusion (featuring DJ FRENCH ROAST), along with vet Deftly-D.

SAT 3-28-1998: The ADDIS GALLERY in Somerville hosted the next appearance of C.O. This time the show featured Jake Trussel (EOSS, C, Duotone, Toneburst), Kai 'Canine' Niggemann (Endless Recursion, Fact, Resonator, etc.) and veterans Deftly-D, Hex, Leif, and Ennui with video art by Jade of Synergy Promixions. One of the most beautiful incarnations of the C.O. Unfortunately it was not recorded.

SAT 3-14-1998: afterbirth The next appearance of the Catastrophe Orchestra was at WUNH's studios in Durham, NH. This time members included Josh Calvi (TerrEtroN), Fear Of Possibility (Zero Times Infinity), Ennui (Zero Times Infinity) and C.O. veterans Deftly-D, Hex, Tyler Newman, A.J. Kaelin in a mix that neared closer to Frontline Assembly meets DVOA. The only recordings are still in the hands of WUNH.

FRI 12-12-1997 - birth The Catastrophe Orchestra's first performance was at the High Volt Live #4 show at WJUL's studios in the Fallout Shelter where Deftly-D (Zero Times Infinity, Nau-Zee-Aun, Data-Bank-A, Dominon) and Hex The Mad Scientist (Zero Times Infinity, Ukuphambana) where joined by Leif Hunneman (Da'ath, }Hexdump{, Rising Man Incinerator, Endless Recursion), Pinky (Rising Man Incinerator), Tyler Newman (Battery Cage, Sleep Chamber, Ducky Ducky), A.J. Kaelin (Battery Cage, Ducky Ducky), Ben Draper (Ducky Ducky), Slappy Long Arm (Son Of A Longarm), Greg Greg (Another Dead Sharron), Chris Iacono (Surfer Joe), and Matt Azevedo (Phantom Power). They used everything from guitars and saxaphones to spring harps, tire rims and bubble wrap to analogue synths theramins turntables and samplers to create a sound that was somewhere between John Zorn, Merzbow and a barmitzva. More artists would have joined but they ran out of space.

If you capture the Catastrophe Orchestra on film, send us a copy and we'll give you credit.

To host a Catastrophe Orchestra performance contact Deftly-D. See kontakt.

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