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Thr Dec 18th 2001: Nau-Zee-auN @ the final Drum & NoiZe of 2001.

[Lawrence, MA] - Nau-Zee-auN, Horchata, Avtomat, Immaculate:Grotesque, DJ Peter Lee (Chasm, Manray), Snackmaster and more play the final night at Drum & NoiZe of 2001. One of the best Nau-Zee-auN performances to date.

Tue Dec 11th 2001: VOIDSTAR PRODUCTIONS 2001 Multimedia Fest.

[Lawrence, MA] - DRUM & NoiZe @ Sydneys (a.k.a. Ye Old Loft and Laddle) Red Cross Benefit Show featuring an early (9 PM SHARP!!!) collaboration of Zero Times Infinity, Jekyll Island, W2, Roland Adams and a special guest. Performances by Emil Beaulieau, Saya Ayers, TerrEtroN (as heard on Coronal Mass Ejection), and the latest project from Darryl Hell, Rock'it Society (as heard on Coronal Mass Ejection).

Also featuring installations by PTSMC, Dan Younger, VideoJam, Dorothy Krause, the 911 Gallery and many more. Don't miss this show!

Thr Nov 29th 2001: Nau-Zee-auN in San Diego.

[San Diego, CA] - Nau-Zee-auN's first southwester appearance at BINARY (inside Club Xanth).

Tue Nov 20th 2001:

[Lawrence, MA] - DRUM & NoiZe @ Sydneys (a.k.a. Ye Old Loft and Laddle) Red Cross Benefit Show featuring Ukuphambana, Jekyll Island, Lord Bass, Cathode Ray Tube, Roman Strang, Sophmore, etc.

Fri Oct 12th 2001:

[Cambridge, MA] - @ VFW Bar in CENTRAL SQUARE, LiveSexAct record release party featuring LiveSexAct, Nau-Zee-auN v. Guava Chees, and more. This unique collaboration of Nau-Zee-auN and Guava Cheese left heads spinning. Reviews from the audience 'I saw it and I still don't know what I saw', 'I brought her to Boston for her first time and took her to this? I think I freaked her out', 'I just don't understand'.

Sat Oct 6th 2001:

[Cambridge, MA] - @ MIT, Collision Tech Arts Festival w/ Ukuphambana, Jekyll Island and more.

Thr Sep 20th 2001:

[Cambridge, MA] - Ukuphambana on Electronic Experiments WMBR, 88.1 FM.

Tue Sep 18th 2001:

[Lawrence, MA] - Technology Will Fail (featuring Ennui of Zero Times Infinity), Ukuphambana, Jeckle Island and more at Sydney's in Lawrence. 337 Essex St, Lawrence, MA 01840, 978-204-4511.

Sat Sep 15th 2001:

[Lowell, MA] - Coronal Mass Ejections Record Release Party. Porcupine Defense, Pneumatic Detach VS TerrEtroN, Grenadier, Gasr, video by Seretonin and guest dj punketta doilie

Mon Sep 10th 2001:

[Durham, NH] - WUNH's Trancelab featuring Ukuphambana.


[Everywhere] - Coronal Mass Ejection is now available. You can buy it at any of the upcoming shows, at various stores and here at the Voidstore.

Tue Aug 21th 2001:

[Lawrence, MA] - TerrEtroN and Codec at Lilly's. 337 Essex St, Lawrence, MA 01840, 978-204-4511. DIRECTIONS

Tue Aug 14th 2001:

[Lawrence, MA] - Zero Times Infinity, Grenadier w/ Deftly-D, and Aumlaut at Sydney's. 337 Essex St, Lawrence, MA 01840, 978-204-4511. DIRECTIONS

Sat Aug 11th 2001:

[Kingston, NH], private Zero Times Infinity performance.

Tue Jul 31st 2001:

[Lawrence, MA] - Nau-Zee-auN v. Pine Tree State Mind Control w/ W2 and Tragedie Ann. This is the first night of a new weekly industrial series at Sydney's in Lawrence. 337 Essex St, Lawrence, MA 01840, 978-204-4511.

Jun 23th to Jul 5th 2001:

INFINITE RISING TERROR NORTHWEST TOUR. Zero Times Infinity, TerrEtroN, rising!man!incinerator, ukuphambana and more burn a train from Seattle WA to San Francisco CA.

Sun Jun 24th 2001:

[Portland Oregon], Zero Times Infinity, TerrEtroN, rising!man!incinerator, ukuphambana, and more. At Sweet 700. More Info!

Wed Jun 27th 2001:

[Portland Oregon], Zero Times Infinity, TerrEtroN, rising!man!incinerator, ukuphambana, Nau-Zee-auN, and more. At Club Ethos. More Info!

Thr Jun 28th 2001:

[Seattle Washington], Deathline Intl., Zero Times Infinity, TerrEtroN, rising!man!incinerator, and ukuphambana. At Vogue. Presented by MusicWerks. More Info!

Sat Jun 30th 2001:

[Robot Fest] - [San Francisco California], Cancelled

Sun Jul 1st 2001:

[Pubis Noir] - [San Francisco California], Cancelled

Thr May 10th 2001:

Ukuphambana plays a short set on WMBR's Electronic Experiments.

Sat May 5th 2001:

Hawaiian Shirt Mafia on LTC Lowell Cable Access Television's Don't Try This @ Home

Thr May 3rd 2001:

Click here for full review - (Troy NY) Zero Times Infinity plays the at the Impulse Response (previously the Albany Improvisation Laboratory) (

Fri May 4th 2001:

Click here for full review - Philladelphia PA, Zero Times Infinity plays Ultimatum (@ killtime) with LTD, Cex (Tigerbeat6), DJ2bnl, I Sound, Bombardier, Sean Yeates, Dev 79, Rory J, Josh Kline (video), Nodal (video), and more. More info at events/ulti4.html.

Review of Cex's perspective on Ultimatum 4.

Pictures from Ultimatum 4.

Review of May 3rd-5th 2001:

In 3 days you can do more than you can imagine. Take for instance this 2-day mini tour.

We spend day one driving out to Troy NY's Impulse Response Theater. As nice a day as you could imagine for the long trip. The IR is a highbrow art gallery with a very nice performance area set on a scenic edge of a river. Note: Damn fresh sushi place and coffee shop nearby and decent town from our experience. Although we had to provide the sound, the acoustics to the room didn't need much amplification to get loud.

This evening Zero Times Infinity was the only performing act. The packed audience seemed to be an unusually refined group of people included families with children and students from the local colleges. During the performance the fluorescent black light was accidentally exploded when a metal pipe speared it, spraying glass shards everywhere. Chris tried some new feedback experiments and the set generally sounded pretty good all around. The glass was of course used as another instrument.

Before the show we hung out with a guy who made an instrument out of his bicycle. Although not the first to do that, the sounds he got from his Byclophone where quite amazing. Scott Smallwood also hung out off and on. Very nice guy. I'll have to check out his multimedia and performances soon.

Killtime on the other hand is in a neighborhood in NW Philadelphia that during the day rivals anything I've seen in New England for decay and hard living conditions. Thoughts of the Paper Street house in Fight Club with a high density population come to mind. While loading in on a sticky 80 to 90 degree day, a homeless man named Tyrone kept us company. Tyrone was missing half his teeth, scratching himself in a manner that indicated infestation or skin problems, and had an introduction typical of sales people, beggars, and other people looking to get something out of you. Needless to say, he was the type of person you feel bad for who has an interesting outlook on life yet is generally not someone you want to hang out with for an extended period of time.

While chatting with Tyrone who was trying to kill time at the Killtime and attempting to bum money, he asked if Boston is a dangerous city. When I asked why he asked, Tyrone expressed fear of entering Boston, which had me confused, as this neighborhood we where chatting in would scare the shit out of your average New Englander, and I wouldn't think twice about walking anywhere in Boston alone at 4AM.

As time dragged on Wispy (DJ, friend and organizer) arrived and took us for a trip to pick up a few supplies. By the time we returned the show was about to start. There where signs that it might rain but on a 90 degree day with a decent courtyard area, playing outside still seemed worth the risk to all involved. I can't account for the big room in Killtime other than to say it looked great, had some good talent on the turntables and a skilled video artist live mixing projections. The last DJ on in the big room especially caught my attention.

In the courtyard Wispy spun a killer set of noise, gristle school industrial and minimal beats Pan Sonic/Oval style. Up next was LTD, a local industrial act that blew me away. Closest thing to Zero Times Infinity's electronic work that I've ever seen in another act with driving beats %100 free form. Can't say enough good things about their set.

While LTD was playing, me and a few other people lit a fire in the oil drum at the back of the courtyard. Most people got more into the show, although one audience member grumbled about the temperature going up even hotter. After LTD, a noise DJ blasted a mix that didn't do as much for me to put it very politely. We set up without an opportunity to soundcheck in front of the blasting speakers. After a kick ass show like LTD's and with no soundcheck I knew we'd have to go to work to make this a good show. The four elements where all used in this destructive ear bleed set.

By the end of the ZTI set, both mics where obliterated (grinder finished one off shooting plastic debris at the audience), shards of egg and who knows what else coated junk lie everywhere in a tangle of chain and cables. The audience needed no invitation to jump into the fray. Chris' hand was bleeding very visibly and hot embers from the wood I pulled from the fire for drumming lie everywhere. One of the guys from LTD came up to hug me after the show. I picked him up off the ground in adrenalized enthusiasm and his weight threw us both off balance crashing to the cement floor. What a blast.

While we where cleaning up, this goofy white freestyle rapper in a cub scout hat played with the debris while a punk in the audience pissed on the floor. Damn, we needed a bath after this. It turns out the rapper was none other than Tigerbeat6 recording artist Cex. I have to give him credit for getting a crowd into it after everything that just took place. His review says he was funbling but this was a rapper following noise artists surrounded by a crowd that was throwing urin and eggs. I think he played a fun show considering the audience.

We loaded out to find Chris' car had a flat tire. While Chris changed to a donut and we loaded, in a cluster of gutter punks broke out into a stupid 15 to 1 brawl with some girl screaming 'use your knees, use your knees.' This is where my sense of humor ran out and I was ready to get the fuck out of Phili (I think we where closer to where Schooly D came from and further from where Fresh Prince came from). Ironic note - nasty ass poor mostly black neighborhood and the only violence we encounter is done by a bunch of stupid white kids. Figures.

Wispy rides with a couple who drove up from Virginia and we follow noticing the battery light going on and the dashboard lights getting progressively dimmer. We pull into an inconvenience store after a ride that probably felt much longer than it was and tell Wispy about our predicament. Luckily we're 2 blocks from his place. Unluckily the car dies as I get in for us to drive there. Luckily the couple from Virginia offers to jump us. Unluckily they try to start their car and THEIR BATTERY DIES TO.

It's about 4AM, I'm running on 4 hours sleep and need to be in Boston for 5:30PM and wouldn't believe anyone who told me this type of thing happened to them but here it was. An older drunk tattooed man tries jumping every which way between the 2 cars and then involves a Mercedes driven by a cop. He pop starts Chris car but the couple from Virginia at best can push their car to the back of the parking lot for the night.

We crash till 9AM and call AAA. Takes an hour to get a tow, with a long trip to the garage. Toe truck driver asks if Boston is a dangerous city. I ask why I keep getting asked that and he points to the school segregation issues from way back. It sounds like Boston is still perceived as 'up south' by a lot of people in Phili. 2 hours to get the car looked at due to Saturday rush, the alternator needs to be replaced and they need to get it from across town, etc etc. I still absolutely need to be in Boston by 5:30 (yes, it's that important).

The moment Chris gets the car repairs paid for (3:30ish) we're off to the airport (arrive at 4ish) and I catch a plane to Boston (already boarding when I'm buying my ticket) that lands close to on time (5:40). A cab gets me to where I needed to be 30 minutes late but essentially I made it on time. Chris gets home at about half past midnight due to hitting NYC at rush hour. I'm a zombie till I hit bed and close out the 3rd day. What a ride.

Review of Cex's perspective on Ultimatum 4

Pictures from Ultimatum 4

Tue May 1st 2001:

The final Direct Current. WMLN (Curry College)'s Direct Current w/ Ukuphambana, Cathode Ray Tube.

Sat Apr 28th 2001:

91.5FM WMFO Medford MA, Infrastructure performs on the Vakantie Den E Terra Di E Cachonan Geverf Show (Ukuphambana has had to regretably cancell from this event).

Thr Apr 26th 2001:

Noise @ The Sugar Shack in Lowell. A FREE show featuring Emil Beaulieau, Karlheinz, and Iso_Staticon. Hosted by Steve 'Rat' Albert and Deftly-D.

Sat Apr 14th 2001:

Day 2 of the Open Faucet 3 day Easter Weekend scavenger hunt at The Mobius. Nau-Zee-auN, 2000 Ants, Good Question, Alicia LeVan, Brian Rust/Spring Trinity, and many more. I only witnessed a performance acting piece which I believe was done by Good Question (will correct if I find out otherwise) where the single performer slipped in and out of drastically different characters in a mindfuck performance like a play cut up Burroughs style. 2000 Ants did one of their more amazing performances with video by W2. Marc and Joe stayed on guitar while Die Christ came out kabooki style on 3 foot stilt buckets in a flowing dress with pvc stick arms attempting to stack buckets while W2's projection used her as another screen. Another man on stilts came in to harass and irritate Die and the battle began. Of course my description fails the actual entertainment of seeing and hearing this lunacy. Finally Nau-Zee-auN did a performance where an attempt was made to amplify eggs. What a god awfull mess.

Thr Apr 12th 2001:

Gloucester ArtSpace presents sound by Nau-Zee-auN, projection by W2, poetry and words by RRRon Lessard (Emil Beaulieau, Due Process), and movement as poetry by Marilda Castro. A good evening with a small but enthusiastic audience. After some spoken word and poetry readings by local talent including the hosts, Ron took the stage and blew everyone away with amazing poetry, dadaist recitals that combined strange noises and gestures, Lowell noise performance art, multiple languages and the 3 Stooges. Nau-Zee-auN then scored a video piece by W2 featuring Marilda Castro and then Marilda Castro came out starting her collaboration with Nau-Zee-auN, and W2 with most of her body in a 1x1x3 foot box. Amazing performances by all.

Mon Apr 9th 2001:

10PM on 91.3FM WUNH Durham NH, UKUPHAMBANA performed live on the TRANCELAB with DJ Lord Bass. Hear it for a limited time on

Thr Mar 29th 2001:

Noise @ The Sugar Shack in Lowell. A pleasant night of uneasy listening featuring Pneumatic Detach, Pine Tree State Mind Control, Marc Bisson (Bop Ants), Sean Smith (Skin Crime), W2, and 2000 Jow Browns. Marc Bisson, Sean Smith and W2 started off the evening with a wall of images, and sound using prepared guitar and analog synth noises. 2KJB continued where they left off with surprisingly skilled guitar playing with W2 projecting hypnotic improvisational video. Joe Brown by audience request screached out some electric slinky work was joined again by Marc Bisson. PTSMC then took over with his seminar on brainwashing techniques including a slide projection show and dialog with the audience. Unfortunatly the space cleared out just before Pneumatic Detach took over with a clean pulsating power noise and industrial set that topped out the night. The environement was not dark or loud enough for Pneumatic Detach's delivery, but he probably had the best sound of the night.

Sat Mar 24th 2001:

ArtRages 2001: a space artyessy. This is probably the best environment Zero Times Infinity has played in the past 6 months. All around amazing. Zero Times Infinity's set ended with Deftly-D tossing a pink girls dresser at the audience. .WAV stole the night as one of the best live bands we've witnessed in a long time, bouncing in time signatures and cultural sound faster than you can blink. The Lothars also put on a great show with a skillfully executed 4 piece theramin performance. The Srijan India Dance Company, Julia Szabo, Jane Wang & Liz Roncka, Luna Theater, strolling performers, back massagers, nude body painters, mechanical sculptures, instalations, great food, you name it it was there. RosS Hamlin (Open Faucet) gets credit as the organizer of this structured anarchy. Active technicians Deftly-D, Hex, & Ennui.

Thr Mar 15th 2001:

88.1FM WMBR Cambridge MA, ZERO TIMES INFINITY performs live on ELECTRONIC EXPERIMENTS. Electronic Experiments is a new show that features Live PA's every week.

Mon Mar 19th 2001:

91.3FM WUNH Durham NH, TERRETRON and INFRASTRUCTURE perform live on the TRANCELAB with DJ Lord Bass and Return To The Pit with the Rev. Aaron. Portions of each performance can be found at and for a limited time.

Mon Feb 26th 2001:

91.3FM WUNH Durham NH, ZERO TIMES INFINITY performed live on the TRANCELAB with DJ Lord Bass. One of the best sounding performances to date for the small studio audience. The performance will be available online temporarily at Listen online. Thanks to the Rev. Aaron. Active techinicians where Hex and Deftly-D.

Sat Feb 24th 2001:

UKUPHAMBANA plays the Lolligager Studios in Boston. See site for pictures of the show.

Mon Feb 12th 2001:

91.3FM WUNH Durham NH, FUGUE (ex-OJAMOJ, ex-Zero Times Infinity) performed live on the TRANCELAB with DJ Lord Bass. This was the last chance to catch Fugue before Fugue relocated to San Diego CA. LISTEN IN ON TRANCELAB.COM TO FUGUE's SET WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!!!

Fri Jan 26th 2001:

Live at the High Voltage Circumcision Show with Marc Bisson, Hypocycloid, Karl Heinz, Foreign Auto Body, Iso_Staticon, and Guava Cheese. Another 6 hour live show on WJUL Lowell.

Thr Jan 4th 2001:

NOISE @ THE SUGAR SHACK Lowell MA. The first night of a free noise series in Lowell's Sugar Shack featuring Nau-Zee-auN, Crank Sturgeon, Due Process (RRRon Lessard and Walter 'W2' Wright), and Hypocycloid. A very successfull and entertaining first night.

Sun Dec 31st 2000 to Mon Jan 1st 2001:

At the ArtSpace in Gloucester. An engagement proposal surprise party performance festival thing at ArtSpace dedicated to Ed and Heather (Guava Cheese, Possitively Revolting, Journey To The Center Of The Colin, etc. etc. etc.). Featuring Emil Beaulieau, Catastrophe Orchestra, Hypocycloid, 2000 Joe Browns (a.k.a. Plastic Razor Protector), Iso_Staticon, and many more.



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