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Fri Dec 13th 2002: @ HELL LAB 3 : Times Sqr NYC


[New York, NY] : Nau-Zee-auN (a.k.a. Deftly-D of Zero Times Infinity) will be playing a set along with performances by

    (one of the founders of Industrial Music, Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, Thee Majesty, Temple Ov Psychic Youth, Download, Pigface, etc etc )
  • Emil Beauleau
  • Abstinence v.
  • Lloop (WE) v.
  • Burun v.
  • FeedBUCK Galore
  • Crank Sturgeon
  • Jekyll Island
  • Power Point
  • Heartworm
  • and many more...

More info at Chashama website.

Sat Nov 2nd 2002: @ Thhe Batcave


[New York, NY] : CMJ Showcase featuring Hocico, Haujobb, Terrorfakt (featuring Deftly-D on powertool pyrotechnics) and Headscan. Sold out show. Amazing sets by everyone on the line up. Haujobb agro set.

Fri Aug 16th 2002: @ The Worcester Palladium

[Worcester, MA] : You are invited to Deftly-D's 30th birthday party where Zero Times Infinity quite litterally crashes a show headlined by The Deadites with LiveSexAct and the Average White Boys.

Wed Aug 14th 2002: @ Manray

[Cambridge, MA] : Terrorfakt (featuring Deftly-D on powertool pyrotechnics) and E-Craft.

Fri Aug 23th 2002: @ 91.5 WMFO Medford

[Medford, MA] : Zero Times Infinity vs. Poet and Spoken Word artist Paul Angelosanto on the Vakantie Den E Terra Di E Cachonan Geverf Show - 8-10PM.

Fri Aug 2nd 2002: @ Times Square

[New York, NY]

Sektor 6 Kommunikations & Voidstar Productions in association with
chashama Experimental Theater @ Times Square present:
Experimental Mixed-Media Performance Laboratory

Friday, Aug 2nd, 2002 10pm to Daylight (6am)
111 W42nd St., NYC (Btwn 6th Ave. & Broadway)
$5 donation is requested for spectators to help cover artist expenses

(in alphabetical order)

  • Burun aka Jodi Shapiro (Share)
  • DJ D/Hell (the Digital DJ sessions)
  • FeedBUCK Galore's Suck my Goldfinger (featuring King Buc, Pete 23 <is he a Peety or a P*toiD?> & The
  • Pixel Princess> Missy Militia Galore
  • FeedBUCK Galore's Tele-Twin Towers
  • Karl (Share)
  • Lloop (WE, Share)
  • Operation:Mindwipe (s6k Productions)
  • Prurient
  • Sheldon Drake (Undercity)
  • Terrorfakt (New York City power noise)
  • Vartan
  • Zero Times Infinity (Lowell, MA)

HellLab is a performance laboratory, which provides a venue where mixed-media artists perform in a theatrical setting amongst likeminded artists and are encouraged to develop concepts / ideas freely without the constraints of market driven forces.

From 1994 to 1997, Darryl Hell produced a series of events as promotions director for the legendary Silent Records, San Francisco called FurnaceLab. These events were an outgrowth of his revulsion for overpriced club / venue rentals and an ever-imposing concern for increasing bar tabs instead of presenting quality adventurous art. FurnaceLab, which was modeled after mid 1960's San Francisco loft parties / events, presented nationally and internationally recognized / respected artists from the experimental community in a completely alternative environment. Home cooked food, relaxed performance scheduling, providing artists with an escape from urban life and absolutely no concern about the "filler" crowd were the keys that made the series unique.

HellLab is the rebirth of the movement to support expansive mixed-media artistic creation. Originally held at 111 Atlantic Ave. Long Branch, NJ (3 blocks from the Atlantic Ocean), we have now brought our movement to 111 W42nd Street in the heart of Times Square, NYC. (2 blocks from the heart of Metro-Disney)

Now in 2002, it's more important than ever to have a place where mixed-media artists can perform and experiment without being unwilling representatives for the alcohol industry or "subpop" culture trends.

For more info: (ph)212-391-8152


"Hmmmm, how to decribe HELLLAB. Hmmmmmm. I could take the lazy way out, and
merely mention that my pants and socks were caked in blood, most of
which was my own, and leave it to the gentle reader to fill in the
blanks, but I think some background is in order. ...snip... Finally found it, got a bear hug from Darryl, and
took in the decor. Red ceiling. Weird, wavy, caterpiller like bench? in the corner. Second level, accesible only by an old step ladder, where most of the performers played. ...snip... Next guy did a good, wall of sound set, interspersed
with what sounded like samples from Self help Records. The next woman, I think it was FeedBuck Galore, sang about being free to do
what you wanted over a video of American Indians at a powwow mixed with electronic drums. Wasn't crazy about it at first, but it really
grew on me. Prurient wasted no time before flailing wildly and charging the audience like a bull on speed. Wait, replace "audience" with
"me". Knocked me right over. I was dazed & honoured. My noiz creds are impeccable. Yes, I got rushed by Prurient. Ooooooh. Aaaaaaah. And then, there was RRRon. He hadn't played the Providence show, so he had more energy for us. He was in rare form. ...snip... He had the audience hanging on every
contorted facial expression, every wild hand gesture, and every Lessardian Statik Dance. RRRon got a little silly, and rushed the audience, a la Prurient. Once again, the Noiz Gods favoured me, and I got knocked over by America's Greatest Living Noiz Artist. This sudden burst of agression
inspired Purient, who rushed RRRon, and we got to witness 2 statikheads dripping testosterone and, in RRRon's case, B.O rememiscient of hard boiled
eggs & old socks. Lloop pretty much did what his name suggests, i.e,
repetitive drum loops, mixed with
baselines, dark ambient background soundz and sometimes interesting samples.

Not bad.

Darryl, as usual, completely and unequivicably rocked the muthafuckin house. During the second half, he invited me on stage and handed me a mike. I've never beatboxed using such a loud, bassy sound system before. I was satisfied by my performance, and the juxstaposition of my beats & Darryl's electric drums was booty shakin good. Terrofakt, DJ HellRaver's project, was very good, aggresive, straghtforward power noiz. Props to him for the way he mixed in the Hooker from Full Metal Jacket, sped
up 2X. Bizzare. Then, there was ZTI. Call me crazy, but it seemed that ZTI went into the "Come on, come up here n' break shit! Get the fuck up!" phase even quicker than usual. MachinereyGod was swinging on a hanging Washing Machine, causing knobs, plastic, and unidentifiable chunks of metal to rocket into the audience. I thought that maybs Darryl'd get pissed of at the inordinate amount of debris flying hither and yon, in all directions. I
thought that right untill he picked up a sledgehammer and began putting the rest of us to shame. Dave got a little carried away, and nailed me with billions of incendiary sparks from his grinder, while I was mere milimeters away from him. I missjudged the step down from the stage, and gouged my left
leg on a sharp piece of HEAD knows what. Thought it was just a bruise until I saw the dark stain slowly crawling down my shin, expanding like an amoeba
that just went on a bloody tampon binge. Thoroughly enjoyed the reaction of some local Klub Kidz who staggered in around 4am, hoping to find a free party. Refused to pay the 5 dollar cover, ran out with puzzled looks after about 2 minutes of ZTI. Shit wound down around 530AM. Stayed for about an hour, helping to clean up the sheet metal & vomit. Took the Rice Bowl home
with Chris C. at 7am. Got into Boston around 11am. Leg kept oozing blood untill around 12pm. Started hallucinating from lack of sleep around 1AM Sunday. I was thoroughly amazed at the pungency and sheer stench of my shoes
and socks after having worn them for 41 hours straight. How my feet managed to produce odours reminiscient of 3 week old diapers & rancid potatoes, I'll
never know. All in all, a truly magnificent time."
- Hieronymus Q Blankenship

Sat July 27th 2002: @ RRRecords

[Lowell, MA] -The Lowell Folk Festival's electronic folk show featuring Deftly-D, Vartan, and Donna Parker.

Fri June 7th 2002: @ The Gailic Club

[Lowell, MA] -DHR's Don't Fuck With US release party. Featuring The Hawaiian Shirt Mafia, Ukuphambana, Emil Beaulieau, PTSMC, Prurient, and more.

Sat May 4th 2002: @ 91.5 FM WMFO


[Medford, MA] - Nau-Zee-auN, Technology Will Fail and Jekyll Island (7PM to 10PM). A great night on the nti hosted by Ed (a.k.a. Hieronymous Q. Blankenship, Guava Cheese) and Heather. Everyone's sets where in top form. Jekyll Island debuted tracks from his new collaboration with Kurdistang, Johnwatersport. Nau-Zee-auN debuted the Merzbow Amlux remix to be released on and the new track Flesh Saw to be released on DSBP's CyboNetix 2001/2002 compilation and had a cameo appearance by the Hawaiian Shirt Mafia in support of their appearance on Digital Hardcore Recording's Don't Fuck With U.S. compilation. This was the first Nau-Zee-auN set to compbine turntablism, delays, sequenced work, scrap metal and powertools into one cohesive set.

Sun Apr 21st 2002: VILE PERFORMANCE ART @ The Zeitgeist Gallery's Sketchpad series

[Cambridge, MA] - Zero Times Infinity. Active participants: Deftly-D (metal, powertools, feedback, mayhem), Hex (electronics, metal, machines, mayhem), Machinerygod (metal, powertools, distorted feedback, machines, mayhem), Dei Xist (mayhem, audience abuse), RIa (mayhem, audience abuse).

"So, Joe wants to know how the ZTI show went this Sunday? Well, I'll tell you, but first, let me catch my breath- my shoes still smell like squid and lamb tongues. Okay, here's a rapup.
1. The Triumphal return of the Stinking Old Refridgerator! This thing really IS built to last.
2. Olives. They're not just for Martini's anymore.
3. Half the audience, including myself, was dressed in trash bags, {"Guy, you dudes look like a buncha fuckin' condoms!"}
4. Enough sledgehammers & wanton destruction of metal objects to make a normal ZTI set look like an ambient freejazz performance.
5. The feeling of oneness in the audience. That happens, when the guy in the gasmask ties everyone together with rope and plastic wrap.
6. It's been about 12 hours since we cleared out of Zeitgeist, but the place will smell like the dumpster behind Legal Sea Foods for 12 days.
7. Dee, walking amongst the spectators, spraying them with liquids. One of them seemed to be water, the other was white, sticky, and congealed on my glasses. According to Chris C., "Dee and I worked on it all day".
8. For every item flying at the audience that I could positively identify, there were multiple objects that remained a mystery to me.
9. EVERYONE got the chance to have lubricated balls in their faces." ... " Now, if you'll excuse me, I must be off. I really need to wash some of these memories of my shoes before my boss starts asking questions and/or I pass out frome the stench. PHEW!"

-review by Heironymous Q. Blankenship (Guava Cheese, Possitivly Revolting, Journey To The Center Of The Colin)

Thr Apr 18st 2002: BANNED!!! @ The Upstairs Lounge (above the Penalty Box at North Station)

[Boston, MA] - Zero Times Infinity, Chainsaws and Children and DJ Darcy. The destruction hit an all time high for Zero Times Infinity with new members debuting in a competition for mayhem. Chainsaws and Children started the night with a great set featuring their newest member Josh from TerrEtroN and saying farewell to veteran chainsaw Devough. Flame throwers, chainsaws and tight metal based industrial music. Then ZTI took the stage and the destruction began. Packed audience, Roland's drumming was tight, Chris the Hex' was dead on and Chris the Machinery God put in everything he could.

"Well, well, well. If there's one thing that hard-core industrial fans want, it's fire, fumes, and freon. And the show at the Upstairs lounge supplied all three f'ing things all at f'ing once.

"Opening was Chainsaws and children, the industrial shock-rock quintet who are so big in Vermont they have a day named after them. Livening up their set with crotch-oriented blasts from personal flamethrowers (YEEHAW!) and chopping up baby doll heads with chainsaws (YEEHEEHAW!), I couldn't look away. It was so stupid, the entire set was full of so many bad ideas, and it was fascinating. It was all of my real TV visions come (almost). 'Please oh
please let someone catch on fire', I prayed. Unfortunately, no one burst into flames accidentally or otherwise. I won't hold it against them, apparently they had fire extinguishers anyway, so there would have been no deaths anyway. Damn this PC society we live in, damn their consideration for the audience members. They band rocked, they guys seemed generally nice, and they even thanked the sound guy. Who does THAT in this business anymore?

"Then, on came Zero Times Infinity, with live drums and an extra guy whose sole function it seemed was to be as destructive as possible. He pick-axed refrigerators, lit said fridges on fire, and eventually, with possibly toxic fumes pouring from that gosh darn fridge, batted Vaseline coated Ping-Pong balls at us with a tennis racket. If even one got into my drink, there would have been a brawl, I swear. As it was, it added to the camaraderie of the attendees, who ganged up on that poor sap that got duct taped to the recently extinguished fridge and pelted him with all the balls we could find. BALLS I say. ZTI sounded good, I liked the live drums and the addition of crazy-running-around-destroying-things guy. But let me tell you something, Mr. Dodson. If you're going to call yourself real industrial, toughen up your image a bit and add some distortion to your reverb, ok? 'Real' industrial was for aggro-bastards, by aggro-bastards. Intelligent dance music is around for the benefit of geeks. Now let's go set some things on fire."

"Punketta Doilie's Math lesson : Real TV + MTV - girls + balls = this live show"

Punketta -

Perhaps Machinery God's note summs it up best:

"400 ping pong balls: $40.00
Vegetable oil: $2.49
Refrigerator: FREE
Computer keyboards: FREE
2 Heinekens: $8
Sledgehammer, Angle Grinder & Tennis Racket: previously owned
WD-40 $2.99
Barbecue Lighter: $1.99
Set time: 10-15 minutes
Cleanup time: 45 minutes-1 hour
Cuts and lacerations: 7 (at least on my part)
Setting a fire in a fridge, getting ping pong balls, keyboard keys and broken glass everywhere, and making a complete mess of the upstairs lounge, while making half the people in the place decide to leave in the process: PRICELESS."

I honestly believe we where on for more than 15 minutes but then time perception is always warped during performances and what ever amount of time this show went for was the right amount of time. The pick ax unfortunately didn't survive it's first show but the slime from the ping pong balls lubricated the floor around the metal very effectively. Although it appears that we are banned from the Upstairs Lounge, Big Daddy was very cool in handling everything that ensued and despite the mayhem the Upstairs Lounge is not scarred or significantly damaged and all involved continue to have the same number of fingers and limbs they had before the performance. Thanks to everyone involved and all who attended for making this show a success in every possible way.

Active participants - Machinery God (general mayhem, refrigerator, machines, slimy ping pong balls), Roland Adams (polyrhythmic drums), Hex (electronics and percussion), Deftly-D (feedback, metal, powertools, pick ax, walkie talkies), Chainsaws and Children (chainsaw, flame throwers, etc.), the hard-core people in the audience (mayhem).

Sat Mar 9th 2002: on 91.5FM WJUL's Players Prepare Your Pianos

[Lowell, MA] - Celebrating Marc Bisson's birthday with teh absence of Marc a Catastrophe Orchestra like collaboration between ZTI, 2000 Joe Browns, Mike Fun (of Hypocycloid), and Jekyll Island did a private improv jam session on the airwaves of WJUL following earlier experiments that day at the 911 Gallery.

Thr Mar 7th 2002 8:30 PM sharp: noise @ The Sugar Shack

[Lowell, MA] - (100 University Ave. Lowell MA) with Flatline Construct, Zero Times Infinity, Pine Tree State Mind Control, Immaculate:Grotesque, DJ Peter Lee and Prurient. An all around amazing night of noise. The ZTI set almost got cut short due to running out of microphones but the audience had no trouble getting involved. The show climaxed when Deftly-D pulled out a hidden sledge hammer among the audience participants and demolished the remaining metal. Everyone's sets where dead on. Prurient in particular gave a brilliant performance with minimal unsettling buzzing drone followed by a 2 second explosion of fercity rarely seen in live shows.


Sat Mar 2nd 2002: 91.5 FM WMFO's Vakantie Den E Terra Di E Cachonan Geverf Show

[Medford, MA] - Ukuphambana, Snackmaster (MSF) and Sophmore.



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