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Every show Zero Times Infinity has ever played plus related events featuring members of Zero Times Infinity


Sun Dec 31st 2000 to Mon Jan 1st 2001:

At the ArtSpace in Gloucester. An engagement proposal surprise party performance festival thing at ArtSpace dedicated to Ed and Heather (Guava Cheese, Possitively Revolting, Journey To The Center Of The Colin, etc. etc. etc.). Featuring Emil Beaulieau, Catastrophe Orchestra, Hypocycloid, 2000 Joe Browns (a.k.a. Plastic Razor Protector), Iso_Staticon, and many more.

Sat Dec 9th 2000:

91.5FM WMFO Medford MA, TerrEtroN, Pine Tree State Mind Control, and ISO_STATICON perform on the Vakantie Den E Terra Di E Cachonan Geverf Show.

Tue Dec 5th 2000:

Infrastructure and Iso_Staticon play WMLN's Direct Current with DJ Wardance's last show.

Fri Dec 1st 2000:

Pneumatic Detach, Chainsaws And Children, Technology Will Fail (a.k.a. Ennui of Zero Times Infinity), Control Voltage, Pine Tree State Mind Control performed live at WJUL's High Voltage Circumcision Show from 10PM to 3AM.

Mon Nov 13th 2000:

PE#48, Durham NH. Zero Times Infinity, Bright and the Watersection play the University Of New Hampshire Durham. Zero Times Infinity debuted a new lineup with our latest addition to our technical crew, Mad A (Grenadier, Boston Society Of Mechanics, Acid Reflex, etc.), and the return to active status of veteran technician Ennui at WUNH's annual fundraiser. Driving beats, a new scrap metal percussion station, a spontaneously exploding grinder wheel, and an enthusiastic audience added up to one of ZTI's best shows to date. Thanks to Fife, The Rev. Aaron, Lord Bass, Hot Rodney, WUNH, and everyone who made it out. Active participants MAD A, Ennui, Hex, and Deftly-D.

Wed Nov 8th 2000:

NAU-ZEE-AUN, Plays the Villa Victoria with Pü Pü Radio (featuring RoSS Hamlin), Jocoloca, John Voigt, and Trista Beard in a former church in Boston's South End. More info available on the Nau-Zee-auN home page. Thanks to RoSS Hamlin for making this night happen. Active participant Deftly-D.

Sat Oct 21th 2000:

NAU-ZEE-AUN, GASR, Carrier 81, Basque and Serotonin Plays the AS220's am*be*thang in Providence RI. More info available on the Nau-Zee-auN home page. Active participant Deftly-D.

Tue Oct 17th 2000:

NAU-ZEE-AUN, TERRETRON and CODEC Plays WMLN's Direct Current with DJ WARDANCE. More info available on the Nau-Zee-auN home page. Active participant Deftly-D.

Fri Oct 13th/Sat Oct 14th 2000:

NAU-ZEE-AUN Debuts a new existence at WJUL's High Voltage Circumcision Show. More info available on the Nau-Zee-auN home page. Active participant Deftly-D.

Wed Sep 6th 2000:

NAU-ZEE-AUN plays the Carnival Ad Nauseum in San Francisco with FILTHMILK (see also
/bands/pages/fitlhmilk/), IMPERIAL FLORAL ASSUALT UNIT, and THE SOAPBOX. The night started out with an open mic of Catastrophe Orchestra style noise as a drummer, guitarists, players of various devices gave a wall of cacouphany for possibly an hour. Then The Soapbox started up with some nice idm'ish ambiant improv. Filthmilk was next in a set similar to past Zero Times Infinity shows using a heavily amplified shopping cart full of springs and pickups and several guys on electronics the frontman banged out a simple beat through most of the show wearing a smiling pig mask. For a moment the show was joined by the energetic screams of a The Chupacabra who I later found out was a former member of Another Dead Sharron (see Greg Greg, Lost Earth Lock, and Negative Time for related projects). Nau-Zee-auN took the stage next in the only solo performance of the night giving a wall of oscilating feedback and piercing noise. Crowd realction was very possitive. Imperial Floral Assualt Unit closed out the night with a set worthy of DVOA or the Pink Dots. A great line up all around. The Voidstar must return to the west. Active participant Deftly-D.

Fri Sep 1st 2000:

UKUPHAMBANA celebrates the release of GRITWARE COMPOSITE at the AS220's AM*BE*THANG in Providence RI with performances by CODEC, SEROTONIN, Spogga, Gallilimus, and Ogre.B. Show reviews to come. Active participant Hex.

Aug 24th to 27th 2000:

Tau Neutrino Tour 2000

Sun Aug 27th 2000:

PE#47 (the final leg of the Tau Neutrino Tour 2000) @ 90.3 FM WZBC Newton MA's Industrial Factory. Portland OR's State Vector Collapse once again started off the live broadcast with the best and last audio assault of the tour followed by a full on collaborative performance between Zero Times Infinity and S.V.C. with guest percusion by host Brian Lumaig. In the aftermath of the tour one thing is clear - this is the beginning of a new chapter for Zero Times Infinity and Voidstar Productions. Active participants Deftly-D, and Hex with guest appearance by Leif 'gliTch' Hunneman (a.k.a. State Vector Collapse) and DJ Brian Lumaig.

Sat Aug 26th 2000:

PE#46 (leg 4 of the Tau Neutrino Tour 2000) @ The Zeitgeist Gallery in Cambridge MA. The small room seemed like the seams were spliting to try to handle the activity within. PNUMATIC DETTACH astounded everyone with his debut performance. Schrouded with smoke and strobe lights Justin and Stacia's power noise set amazed all who made the opening of the night making TERRETRON's life difficult. TERRETRON blew through another pounding set with some minor technical difficulties. Then it was time for SMP to assault claustrophobic nightmare of an audience. SMP's set was closed out by the collaborative set of State Vector Collapse, Zero Times Infinity and GRENADIER with guest percusion by TerrEtroN and the audience. The beat driven set was fueled by furious beats from Grenadier, distorted breaks and noise from Leif Hunneman and a wall of delays and steel from Zero times Infinity. Too be continued. Outdoors the movie Metropolis was screened with more live music scoring the classic film. Active participants Ennui, Deftly-D, and Hex with guest appearance by Leif 'gliTch' Hunneman (a.k.a. State Vector Collapse) and GRENADIER.

Fri Aug 25th 2000 (Night):

(leg 3 of the Tau Neutrino Tour 2000) @ 91.5 FM WJUL Lowell MA's High Voltage Circumcision Show. 2000 Ants, the collaboration of 2000 Joe Browns (Plastic Razor Protector), Dei Christ (The Bop Ants) and Marc Bison (The Bop Ants) started off the live night with guitars that slowly warped into electronic noises. Dei's bassy playing of the stringed electric marlin (yes, a big swordfish with strings and leopard spots), Joe's electric slinky, and Marc's prepared guitar made for great in studio visuals as well as fine soundscapes. Ukuphambana took over with his brand of bleepy idm noise wierdness including a live sampling from his newly released cd, Gritware Composite. State Vector Collapse pierced eardrums with his abrasive breakbeats and wall of noise. Iso_Staticon, gave an impressive debut performance of dark ambiance and noisescapes. TerrEtroN blew away his previous night's performance with an emotionally charged set. Infrastructure closed the night with probably her best sounding performance to date.

Fri Aug 25th 2000 (Noon):

PE#45 (leg 2 of the Tau Neutrino Tour 2000) @ 91.5 FM WMFO Medford MA's Vakantie Den E Terra Di E Cachonan Geverf Show. Portland OR's State Vector Collapse started off the live broadcast with his blend of noise and breakbeats from followed by Zero Times Infinity constructing slower delay based rhythms. Finally in the end a collaborative performance ensued between Zero Times Infinity, State Vector Collapse, and noise artist Guava Cheese. Another tight set drastically different from the previous nights show. Active participants Deftly-D, and Hex with guest appearance by Leif 'gliTch' Hunneman (a.k.a. State Vector Collapse) and Ed Brandon (a.k.a. Guava Cheese).

Thr Aug 24th 2000:

PE#44 (leg 1 of the Tau Neutrino Tour 2000) @ 242MAIN in Burlington VT. What can I say the first show was great from beginning to end and signalled how the rest of this little cluster of shows was going to go. The night started off the bat with a pounding set from TERRETRON to a crowd that seemed to pack the club out of nowhere withing 15 seconds of his taking the stage. Portland OR based drill and noise artist State Vector Collapse assaulted audiences with piercing noises and breakbeats from hell while hiding behind a mask of thick smoke and a blinding strobe light. Zero Times Infinity then took the stage in collaboration with State Vector Collapse throwing the scrap pile to the audience while Hex smashed floor tiles and plates into the crowd. Then Seattles hardest working industrial hip hop outfit SMP continued to blow away the energized packed audience (if you've never seen SMP you're missing out tremendously), CHAINSAWS AND CHILDREN closed out the night in top form including a tounge in cheek industrial metal cover of Def Leppard's Pour Some Sugar On Me. All around a tight packed industrial show from beginning to end. Active participants Deftly-D, and Hex with guest appearance by Leif 'gliTch' Hunneman (a.k.a. State Vector Collapse)..

Sat Jun 3rd 2000:

PE#43 @ The Voix in Lowell MA, Voidstar Productions presents CYBER-RAMMA III featuring performances by ANDROID LUST, I PARASITE, INFRASTRUCTURE, TERRETRON, TURPENTINE CONSUMPTION, and ZERO TIMES INFINITY vs. ACID REFLEX. Pretty Color projections by SERATONIN. Turpentine Consumption started off the night with an earbleed set including collaborations with Possitively Revolting. The ZTI AR collaboration was one of the best ZTI performances to date. Highly dancable but with too many people on the floor to dance. TerrEtroN, Infrastructure, I Parasite and Android Lust all continued elevating the night of live industrial music. Active participants Ennui, Tyler Newman, Deftly-D, Wicked, and Hex..

Sat May 20th 2000:

BOSTON NOT LONDON @ THE MIT STRATTON STUDENT CENTER featuring Ukuphambana (Voidstar), Asmodeus Spectre (Voidstar), Cathode Ray Tube (C.F.O.M.). B-field, Dummy Plug Conspiracy, Entropy Struct, Kolo (formerly Plex), Technology Scum, Tube (DJ TopKnot), and more with video by Dr. T and SERATONIN. A high quality event from beginning to end from the B>L Crew.

Wed May 17th 2000:

PE#42 at AS220's AM*BE*THANG in Providence RI. ZERO TIMES INFINITY vs. RESONATOR (German). First RI appearance. A great 1 hour collaboration with good reactions from the audience and management. Performed with psychedelic minimalist rock artists CERBERUS SHOAL, and idm artist TIM O'KEEFE with video art provided by SERATONIN (a.k.a. Roland Adams, Pretty Colors). Active participants Canine, Deftly-D and Hex.

Wed May 10th 2000:

PE#41 at THE PYRAMID in NYC. This was Zero Times Infinity's first NYC appearance. Excellent reactions from the audience and management. ZIPPERSPY also did one of her best sets to date featuring an odd rapper who seemed to be struggling to follow the Icky Beats. PATIENT 7734 (a.k.a. Darryl Hell) blew everyone away at the end of the night performing pieces from both Operation:Mindwipe and Abstinence along with a new piece using a long video sample of Ed from Positively Revolting and Guava Cheese. Active participants Deftly-D and Hex.

Sun May 7th 2000:

PE#40 at Jacques Cabaret in Boston. NOISE IN DRAG SHOW with Zero Times Infinity showing first hand that style is irrelevant, and glam and dada mix like sausage and ashtray grit. A tight performance for ZTI. Great spinning by DJ Pantshead. Fantastic low tech high energy set from Can't. Improv set by Darryl Hell including walls of noise and stereo destruction. Panicksville and Zipperspy unfortunately where not able to play due to technical difficulties. Active participants Deftly-D and Hex.

Sat May 6th 2000:

Hawaiian Shirt Mafia - Deftly-D vs. Tyler Newman in a face to face grinder war

SEISE DE MayO at the VOIX. Day two included highlights where:

  • an outdoor assault by the HAWAIIAN SHIRT MAFIA featuring roasting pig and goats heads, flaming drums, flaming drummers, meat coated strip teases, face to face grinder wars, steel, meat, fire, and electricity infused in a covert terrorist action hidden in a back alley.
  • an afternoon out door performance by Pine Tree State Mind Control using noise and subliminal messages. Performance ended prematurely for his finally by 30 seconds when he finally vomited red cool aid stating the words "I guess timing is ..hurphhhhh sploooshshshsh."
  • ROCKET SOCIETY vs. OPERATION:MINDWIPE doing an incredible set featuring EBN style cut ups over harsh industrial beats and noise with strong sociopolitical content and shock tactics.
  • 2000 Ants (unfortunately I did not see the performance due to performing in HSM at the same time but it looked tremendous from what little I got to see - especially DIE CHRIST playing the swordfish).
  • Infrastructure collaborating with DJ's, rappers, beatboxers, and extra electronic artists.
  • DJ HELL showing New England what a REAL DJ is about. Incredible performance using turntables doing tricks that made everyone who was sick of DJ's AND everyone who was a DJ stair with their mouth open and dance their asses off trying to follow his skills. There isn't a DJ in all of New England to compare that I've seen (other than seeing DJ Zero, Jazzy Jeff, and Spooky when they've come through town - all of whom still might be able to learn from Mr. Hell).
  • DJ Pantshead doing his thing. Hard to believe it's the same guy behind the ECC.
  • Seratonin (Pretty Colors), Dr T, W2, and many other live video artists.
  • other DJ's.

Fri May 5th 2000:

PE#39 - CINCO DE MayO at the VOIX. Day one included Zero Times Infinity constructing an installation and performing within a smoke and spark tent. Other highlights where:

  • The Evolution Control Committee (also spinning as DJ Pants Head) doing puppet shows, singing about food and generally doing a great and hilarious performance.
  • TerrEtroN, doing his return to New England aggressive performance. The crowd couldn't get enough of his show.
  • Crank Sturgeon with Gaylord Scisorhand, brilliant and hilarious as always. Exploding records being played on a power tool.
  • Karl Heinz, obliterated his equipment again in an outstanding noise performance.
  • The Mad Switch and Eat My All, riding the edge of harsh danceable sound. Keep an eye out for these guys.
  • Control Voltage, improvisational techno deserving a dark room with lights in motion. Someone get this guy booked in a danceable setting.
  • Panicksville, great beats
  • Jopa,
  • Emil Beaulieau, doing 30 second sets for every new face he saw.
  • Seratonin (Pretty Colors), Dr T, W2, and many other live video artists.
  • and lots of DJ's.
Active participants Hex and Deftly-D.

Sun Apr 24th 2000:

BOSTON NOT LONDON performances on WMLN 91.5 FM's Direct Current with DJ WARDANCE. UKUPHAMBANA plays a 1 hour set along with performances by PLEX, Technology Scum and Dummy Plug Conspiracy.

Fri Apr 22nd 2000:

DJ NAU-ZEE-AUN spins an early surprise set at TAB in Nashua.

Mon Apr 18th 2000:

PE#38 at 91.3 FM WUNH Durham NH's Trance Lab (with carry over into The Reverend Aaron's Return To The Pit). A positive in studio audience enjoyed 2 sets from Zero Times Infinity hosted by Lord Bass. Special thanks to Hot Rodney and everyone else who showed up for the support and assistance. At least one review suggested that he could easily see people dancing to the set from this night. WUNH May be using material from this set in the future. Active participants Deftly-D and Hex.

Sat Apr 1st 2000:

PE#37 at the VOIX Apr FOOLS DAY Girls v. Guys show. A great night in a friendly, loud and destructive crowd. Impressive performances conducted by Control Voltage, Karl Heinz, Infrastructure v. Zipper Spy, Can't, Emil Beaulieau v. Guava Cheese, and many more projects (we'll get more names as soon as Zipperspy and Emil Beaulieau return from their Japanese tour). The night also included a Catastrophe Orchestra scrap metal session involving who ever wanted to jump into the rust. Active participants Hex and Deftly-D.

Sun Mar 18th 2000:

PE#36 at BULLMOOSE RECORDS in Salem NH. A free afternoon performance which went just over an hour. Active participants Deftly-D and Hex.

Sun Feb 27th 2000:

PE#35 at WMLN 91.5 FM's Direct Current with DJ WARDANCE. A refinement of the danceable direction explored in PE#34. 2 sets where conducted with an interview. Active participants Deftly-D and Hex.

Fri Feb 25th 2000:


Ukuphambana, Ennui and The Catastrophe Orchestra play High Volt Live #8 along with CATHODE RAY TUBE, PLEX, NEGATIVE TIME (featuring GREG GREG), and CONTROL VOLTAGE. Celebrating the release of the BOSTON NOT LONDON VOL 1 compilation featuring Asmodeus Specter, Ukuphambana, Cathode Ray Tube, Plex, and more.

Sat Feb 12th 2000:

NAU-ZEE-AUN plays the re-opening of the VOIX. See the Nau-Zee-Aun site for all details.

Mon Jan 24th 2000:

PE#34 at WZBC 91.3 FM's Industrial side of No Commercial Potential: The Punketta Doilie Show. The performance begins a new phase of experimenting with danceable music using techniques discovered through previous experiments. An improvisational cover of Kraftwerk's Music Non Stop came out of the performance. Active participants Hex and Deftly-D.



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