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Fri Dec 12th 1997:

High Volt Live #4 at WJUL Lowell's HIGHVOLTAGE CIRCUMCISION SHOW - Zero Times Infinity members were active in multiple efforts. First, DOMINION executed a refined electronic set with Deftly-D on quadropod percussion, then Deftly-D & Hex got down together with Leif Hunneman (Da'ath, }Hexdump{, Rising Man Incinerator, Endless Recursion), Pinky (Rising Man Incinerator), Tyler Newman (Battery Cage, Sleep Chamber, Ducky Ducky), A.J. Kaelin (Battery Cage, Ducky Ducky), Ben Drapper (Ducky Ducky), Slappy Long Arm (Son Of A Longarm), Greg Greg (Another Dead Sharon), Chris Iacono (Surfer Joe), and Matt Azevedo (Phantom Power) in the debut of Voidstar Productions' collaborative improvisational project THE CATASTROPHE ORCHESTRA.

Thr Nov 20th 1997:

Zero Times Infinity PUBLIC EXPERIMENT #9 at The CLUB BOHEMIA Somerville. VOIDSTAR PRODUCTION and S6K PROMOTIONS PRESENT OPERATION:MINDWIPE (featuring DARRYL HELL of ABSTINENCE and EMERGENCY BROADCAST NETWORK or EBN) their first Boston area club performance ZERO TIMES INFINITY - the last performance of 1997 and DIGITAL APOCALYPSE at the Club Bohemia/Kirkland Cafe Somerville MA.

Sat Oct 18th 1997:

Zero Times Infinity PUBLIC EXPERIMENT #8 at WAMH 89.3 FM Amherst. Live broadcast performance experiment hosted by BEN CHANG. Line up included Deftly-D, Hex & Ennui.

Sat Oct 11th 1997:

2PM Afternoon show. RRRecords in Lowell presents the record release party for DOMINION - Only The Strong Survive (Metropolis Records). DOMINION (featuring frontman composer and performance artist Andrew Szava-Kovatz & Zero Times Infinity member Deftly-D on quadropod percussion) presented a FREE PERFORMANCE of gothic electronica presenting tracks from the upcoming album. RRRecords, 23 Central St., Lowell, MA

Fri Oct 10th 1997:

Zero Times Infinity PUBLIC EXPERIMENT #7 at the Castle Von Buhler NIGH CD RELEASE PARTY (in the series including ANON and SOON) At Middle East Up Stairs, Middle East Down Stairs, and TT The Bear all in Central Square Cambridge This was a benefit show and a benefit cd compilation (see CvB home page for details) that featured Orbit, Women of Sodom (their last performance), Splashdown, Betwixt, Suran Song in Stag, The Curtain Society, The Moors, Cathode, Curious Ritual, Zutrau, Margo (members of Edsel), Max, Veronica Black Morpheus Nipple, Mile Wide, Lumen, VIDEO ART by GENE PREBBLE (Blue Man Group/Toneburst/Spacecakes/etc.). Zero Times Infinity opened the night with a short improvised minimal darkambient performance laced with positive subliminals and live textures. The lineup included Ennui, Ashlie Taylor, Chris the Hex, and Deftly-D with video work by Gene Prebble and stage assistance from Bill Flaherty.

Sep 26th 1997:

PUBLIC EXPERIMENT #6 at TONEBURST - JUNK (Jungle vs. Punk) Boston MA. ZTI conducted an early experiment with the lineup of Hex, Deftly-D and debuting Ashlie Taylor for their first performance at TONEBURST. 19 BANDS video artists, DJ's and more were at this performance including, c (electro organic sounc system), /rupture (radio interference), masa (amoeba, nyc), brynmore (spacecakes), cruse missile (amoeba, nyc), lenore, tom stir (amoeba, nyc), christmas pop, discombobulated ventriloquists (WHO DID QUITE AN INTERESTING SHOW), gerty farish (unconfirmed), acoustyk (byzar, soundlab), spool (splice, mike esp, raffi), Ojamoj (Ethan Eves of DIGITAL APOCALYPSE), video artists: (amoeba, nyc), jade (synergy promixions), gene prebile, snoopy, gavin (spoken word), kyle (noise), AND MORE. Needless to say a great show to be a part of.

Aug 14th 1997:

PUBLIC EXPERIMENT #5 at THE KIRKLAND CAFE/CLUB BOHEMIA Somerville MA. ZTI's first headlining performance was an aggressive set, contrasting the skilled ambient workings of BIONAUT and ambient improvisations of MANY SMALL FUNCTIONS. Video collaboration this time was supplied by GENE PREBBLE (video feedback wall at Toneburst and projectionist/technician for Blue Man Group) & DR T (Toneburst). The video collaboration created a spectacular atmosphere metamorphisizing the packed Club and will set the stage for future experimental events at this location.

Feb 24th 1997:

PUBLIC EXPERIMENT #4 at CEREMONY ZTI conducted a performance/sound experiment opening for BATTERY CAGE. Video collaboration again was supplied by DJ C & JADE.

Jan 14th 1997:

PUBLIC EXPERIMENT #3 at WMFO. ZERO TIMES INFINITY conducts a broadcast experiment at 10 PM Tue night on 91.5 FM WMFO's GODDAMN GOVERNED BY ELECTRONICS hosted by Ashley Serotta & Randolph Williams III...

Jan 3rd 1997:



ZERO TIMES INFINITY collaborates with DJ C of ELECTRO ORGANIC SOUND SYSTEM on Video projection at their first Boston Club performance. The experiment in perception received pleasing results from the packed crowd and set the beginning of a stellar energetic electronic industrial line up including the pounding ebm of Boston's BATTERY CAGE, New Jersy's dance industrial powerhouse CROCODILE SHOP (Metropolis, Tinman) & Texas' dark electronic monolith MENTALLO & THE FIXER (Metropolis, Zoth Omog, RasDVA).

Fri Aug 30th 1996:

Public Experiment #1

@ The 2nd High Volt Live WJUL Lowell MA, featuring performances by }HEXDUMP{, DIGITAL APOCALYPSE, and THE ELECTRO ORGANIC SOUND SYSTEM. Projections by Synergy Promixions. No good recordings of this performance exist to our knowledge. The first live line up included Nero Moist (a.k.a. Mr. E, currently of Digital Apocalypse, and OJAMOJ), Cheesehole, Ennui, Hex, and Deftly-D.


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