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Thr Dec 17th 1998:

The debut performance of NAU-ZEE-AUN, as Deftly-D and Randolph Williams tag team with resident DJ's at the Spyroom. Location Smithwicks in Lowell on Middle St. One block from RRRecords.

Thr Dec 10th 1998:

Chris the Hex teams up with Zipper Spy to spin at the Spyroom. Guest spin turns out to be a prequel performance of ukuphambana. Location Smithwicks in Lowell on Middle St. One block from RRRecords.

Sat Oct 3rd 1998:

Surprise acoustic scrap metal performance at Jacques Cabaret - PUBLIC EXPERIMENT #19. After an intimate set by FEAR OF POSSIBILITY using a barrage of noise, politics, flute and structured compositions, Static of RAVEYARD and RUPTURED PSYCHE using a stripped down electronic arsenal was joined by Deftly-D, Hex, Ennui, and invited the audience on stage to join in a 1 hour improvisational scrap metal orchestra using everything right up to the HVAC system of the basement.

Thr Oct 1st 1998:

RECORD RELEASE PARTY & Zero Times Infinity PUBLIC EXPERIMENT #18 At the Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plane. Featuring Yzak Massive (members of Embryo and Spool of Toneburst Collective), Phantom Power, and video artist Gene Preble. At the Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plane. One of the best performances in months for a small local audience. Line up included Ennui, Hex and Deftly-D.

Fri Aug 21st 1998:

Zero Times Infinity PUBLIC EXPERIMENT #17 At 242 Main. The first appearance in Burlington VT featuring performances by Asmodeus Spectre, and Recursive Occlusion. Line up included Hex and Deftly-D.

Tue Aug 18th 1998:

DOMINION at the Space featuring performances by GOODING, Asmodeus Spectre, and MANY SMALL FUNCTIONS, with video art by GENE PREBLE.

Sat Jun 27th 1998:

Zero Times Infinity PUBLIC EXPERIMENT #16 The Space in Worcester MA presented THE CHAOS CAFE. Featuring an eclectic line up of avant garde, noise and electronic music artist, acoustic, spoken word, installations, performance art, and video art. ZERO TIMES INFINITY performed another improvisational set that ranged from midi based energetic danceable material to minimal ambient soundscapes. This performance was enhanced by an interactive video set up that was created by ALEX WESTNER (M.I.T. Council For The Arts). Other highlights from the night included performances and installations by Asmodeus Spectre, INDUSTRIAL SONIC ECHO, ARACHNISECT, PETE RICE's STRETCHABLE MUSIC, MANY SMALL FUNCTIONS, and GREG GREG, and intense video art provided by ADAM CHAO and ALEX WESTNER (of LIVESEXACT). The atmosphere and people at this event were fantastically positive and the night went very close to dawn before they began their bizarre film festival and breakfast. Extensive thanks to Chris and Aaron for putting together such a great event. Line up included Hex and Deftly-D.

Sat Jun 27th 1998:

Zero Times Infinity PUBLIC EXPERIMENT #15 2PM in the afternoon at the infamous RRRecords in downtown Lowell. A 'Free show' both in cost for audience and in concept for Deftly-D and Hex turned into a 90 minute unbroken improvisational metamorphosis from rhythms to ear bleed level noise and subtle ambient constructions. Hex and Deftly-D used constant sampling of eachother's sounds and of the audience. A highpoint of the show was when GREG GREG (NY based industrial noise artist of Another Dead Sharon) joined Deftly-D on percussion. Many who witnessed this show also witnessed PUBLIC EXPERIMENT #16 on the same day. Line up included Hex and Deftly-D.

Sat May 22th 1998:

Zero Times Infinity PUBLIC EXPERIMENT #14 and VOIDSTAR PRODUCTIONS with S6K PROMOTIONS organizes the first SALISBURY BEACH MULTIMEDIA FESTIVAL at THE BEACH CLUB (official capacity 700) Deftly-D and Hex with the extensive help of Josh Calvi, Alex Westner, and Darryl Hell organized the first large capacity Voidstar Productions event. Although cold weather and multiple graduations lowered the number of attendees, Performances and installations by an eclectic array of performers from all over New England put on some of their best performances. The line up included performances and installations by EMBRYO/SPOOL (TONEBURST), LIVESEXACT (M.I.T. COUNCIL FOR THE ARTS), RISING!MAN!INCINERATOR! (SOULBURN / SOULBURN), BIONAUT (TRIPTYCH RECORDS), TERRETRON (VOIDSTAR PRODUCTIONS), BATTERY CAGE, ELECTRO ORGANIC SOUND SYSTEM (TONEBURST), O.J.A.M.O.J. (VOIDSTAR / TONEBURST), PINE TREE STATE MIND CONTROL (VOIDSTAR / SOULBURN), SYNERGY PROMIXIONS (TONEBURST), DR T, EMERGENCY BROADCAST NETWORK with DARRYL HELL (TVT / S6K), and of course ZERO TIMES INFINITY (VOIDSTAR PRODUCTIONS / S6K). Assistance was also provided by Laura Duncan, Maureen Castiglione, Toshi Hoo, Triptych Records, Lauren Comeau, and the TerrEtroN crew. Video footage from this event will be made available to public access television stations and a compilation of live material from this show is under production. Line up included Deftly-D, Hex and Ennui.

Sat Apr 18th 1998:

Zero Times Infinity PUBLIC EXPERIMENT #13 at NEXT at North Station Boston MA. Live public performance with noise terrorists ZYPHOID PROCESS. One of the most destructive performances to date. Line up included Deftly-D, and Hex.

Sat Mar 28th 1998:

Zero Times Infinity PUBLIC EXPERIMENT #12 at the ADDIS GALLERY in Somerville. Live public performance with ELECTRO ORGANIC SOUND SYSTEM, ENDLESS RECURSION (featuring Leif Hunneman), and the CATASTROPHE ORCHESTRA. Sold out show with reports of vehicles passing the gallery slowing down as if passing a car wreck. Line up included Deftly-D, Hex, and Ennui.

Fri Mar 20th 1998:

Zero Times Infinity PUBLIC EXPERIMENT #11 at WZBC FM Newton, MA. Live broadcast performance. Line up included Deftly-D, Hex, and Fear Of Possibility.

Sat Mar 14th 1998:

Zero Times Infinity PUBLIC EXPERIMENT #10 at WUNH 91.3 FM Durham, NH. Live broadcast performance experiment featuring TERRETRON and THE CATASTROPHE ORCHESTRA (with members of BATTERY CAGE). Line up included Deftly-D, Hex, Ennui, and Fear Of Possibility (a.k.a. Ashlie Taylor).



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