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Every show Zero Times Infinity has ever played plus related events featuring members of Zero Times Infinity


Sat Oct 30th 1999:

NAU-ZEE-AUN plays the Cyber-Massive Lowell multimedia arts festival. Also featured The Haters, Hecate, Christoff Frigeli, Praxis, Datacide, OJAMOJ, Zipper Spy, America’s Greatest Living Noise Artist Emil Beaulieau, The Syndicate, Soundlab - Cultural Alchemy, Zhark, Bombdogs, Ben Fear, Homewrecker Foundation, Saturnalia, and many more. See the Nau-Zee-Aun site for gory details.

Sat Oct 23rd 1999:

HAWAIIAN SHIRT MAFIA banned from AS220 in Providence RI debut show. Active mafioso were numerous but included Deftly-D and Hex among others. Film footage can be found at the HSM site.

Sat Oct 12th 1999:

PE#33 at The VOIX with SMP, Acid Reflex, GASR, Infrastructure and video artist Roland Adams. A night of industrial beats. This experiment began toying with more danceable work. Active participants Hex and Deftly-D.

Sun Aug 22nd 1999:

PE#32 at The VOIX's afternoon pot luck Noise BBQ. ZTI played with collaborator Plastic Razor Protector, Emil Beaulieau, Idea Fire Company, Zipper Spy and lot's of other performers. Active participants Hex and Deftly-D.

Sat Jul 31st 1999:

ZERO SKIN a collaboration of Deftly-D and Skin Crime gave a surprise performance at RRRecords. Deftly-D also performed a new piece entitled 'morning sickness' as NAU-ZEE-AUN piece used no scrap metal but still involved the destruction of the blades of an electric razor.

Sat Jul 24th 1999:

PE#31 on a night of the Lowell Folk Festival, at The VOIX's JAZZ in Jul Series. ZTI played with collaborator Plastic Razor Protector on a line up featuring THE BOP ANTS, FETISH, and the environmental warpings of EMPEROR S.N.A.F.U.'s Nidus Monad.

Fri Jul 9th 1999:

A special collaborative DJ set by Nau-Zee-Aun and Zipper Spy. Broadcast live on WJUL.

Fri Jul 2nd 1999:

PE#30 Surprise performance at Highvolt Live #7. Hex and Deftly-D played a late set along with performances by Burning Scriptures, Der Abschied Partei, Turpentine Consumption, Undo, Plastic Razor Protector, Zipper Spy, and The Catastrophe Orchestra (also featuring Deftly-D and Hex with members of Positively Revolting and Turpentine Consumption).

Sat Jun 5th 1999:

2 Surprise sets by VOIX. Featuring performances by KK Null (Japan), Damian Katera (NYC), Zipper Spy, Bop Ants, Sickness, Emil Beaulieau, and more. The first VOIX. Featured on the first night Ukuphambana, Ashlie Taylor (a.k.a. Fear of Possibility) and Howie Stelzer (Intransitive Records), Spare Parts, and The Catastrophe Orchestra featuring all performers plus Darryl Hell (Abstinence, Operation:Mindwipe, EBN), Deftly-D, and Mr E, and more with interactive video art by Roland Adams. The second night included a performance of Zero Times Infinity with Deftly-D and Hex on raw scrap metal percussion, Zipper Spy on arc welding and guest collaboration from Darryl Hell on steel door grand piano and tire rim throwing. Operation:Mindwipe also performed 'The Molestation of the TekGod' with a guest collaboration by Deftly-D. The performance ended slightly early when a tire rim flew somewhere in the welding facility causing a circuit breaker to go. Infrastructure and Avtomat both had stunning debut performances and Negative Time warped their environment effectively even with the temporary absence of Greg Greg. Plastic Razor Protector and Undo collaborated in the lower level constructing beautiful and warped ambient noise atmospheres. Spare Parts conducted another noise appearance under the battery cage. Video projection and art was provided by the infamous Frank Cazzazza. Voidstar Artists were unfortunately absent from the third segment of the Cyber-Ramma festival but have also heard good reviews of the performers and artists who contributed to that evening.

Sat May 22nd 1999:

The Gallery Bershad in Somerville hosted a collaboration between the one and only Howie Stelzer and former Zero Times Infinity technician Ashlie Taylor (Fear Of Possibility).

Sat May 9th 1999:

NAU-ZEE-AUN makes a cameo appearance with LIV'ESEXACT at the Middle East Downstairs in part of a weekend of presentations of work coming from electronic music programs of MIT, Harvard, Brandeis, Mass College of Art and the steam tunnels and fallout shelters of Lowell.

Sat Apr 30th 1999:

NAU-ZEE-AUN appeared along with Pine Tree State Mind Control, Skin Crime, Due Process, Sickness, Bob Ants, Idea Fire Company, Dinosaur Kings, Zipper Spy, and Thorn Kisser in a 3 room event at the VOIX Gallery in Lowell. Featured artists included Marc Bisson, Dei Christ, Maria Moran, and Frank Casazza. Visuals were provided by Mr Future Vision Seer, and Splendid Eye Torture.

Fri Apr 23rd 1999:

P.E.#27 & #28 SPACE LOUNGE @ THE MOBIUS in Boston MA. Zero Times Infinity's first performance at the Mobius along with Asmodeus Specter, Plastic Razor Protector, rosS Hamlin, The Very, Songs Of Silt and video art by the one and only Dr T. This show was also the introduction of the latest addition to Zero Times Infinity, the infamous Zipper Spy. The night was broken into 10 minute performances followed by 20 minute collaborations and finally a Catastrophe Orchestra like performance featuring everyone. The 10 minute set breezed through old ideas and new elements rapidly with Zipper Spy adding to the energy and possibilities. Television, cd-r manipulation and a metal sheet used for floor protection and percussion were new elements used in this performance as well as some new visual elements implemented by Zipper Spy. The 20 minute set involved a collaborations with Asmodeus Specter and Plastic Razor Protector and opened the doors for the artists in every other project to jump in until the noise was reminiscent of the first Catastrophe Orchestra performance. This show was very well organized by one David Kirkdorffer and Open FauceT productions. Zero Times Infinity performers were Deftly-D and Zipper Spy.

Sat Apr 3rd 1999:

P.E.#26 INDUSTRY.ZONE.ONE @ THE SPACE in Worcester MA. Zero Times Infinity returned to The Space to finish the previous weeks damage along with a stellar line up including battery cage, gasr, emil beaulieau, zipperspy, chimera, bionaut, ojamoj, formal operations, asmodeus spectre, entropy struct, and more. Computer-generated video art from jason macierowski and Live video artistry by alex westner & Freedom of livsexact. ZTI did an eclectic set including a surprise rear assault on the audience by Deftly-D with angle grinder on a metal rack discarded the previous week and another invitation for the crowd to wreak havok on stage (more rhythm , more people, and less injuries this time). Zero Times Infinity performers were Deftly-D and Hex.

Thr Apr FOOLS DAY 1999:

P.E.#25 THE Apr FOOLS ELECTRO NUDIST COLONY / OPENING NIGHT @ THE VOIX in Lowell MA. Zero Times Infinity did a minimal noise performance along with performances by BIONUDE (The Bionaut all nude review), Asmodeus Specter, DJ's Cathode and Flux, and the eclectic and entertaining debut performance of THE NYQUIST THEOREM (featuring Duct Tape Boy and Matt Azevedo of WJUL and Phantom Power). Zero Times Infinity performers were Deftly-D and Hex.

Fri Mar 26th 1999:

P.E.#24 KOSMOS KAOS FESTIVAL @ THE SPACE in WORCESTER MA. Zero Times Infinity plays the first night of a 3 day electronic music festival along with GASR, American Electronics Corp. (members of Battery Cage, Grenadier, and Sleep Chamber), Fracture, Industrial Sonic Echo, Sabot, Arachnisect, Chimera and more. Zero Times Infinity was assisted with lighting by GASR (and vice versa) and played an ear bleed noise set at 4AM that climaxed when the energetic audience was invited to assault the stage. Honarable mention to Greg Greg who played on the following night and was a force to be reckoned with among the audience and participating crowd. Zero Times Infinity performers were Deftly-D and Hex.

Sat Mar 6th 1999:

P.E.#23 Noise Blizzard in Portland at the infamous Portland Maine Fine Arts Theater, The line up was to have tons of noise artists from all over new england plus Japanese audio terrorists MSBR and Government Alpha. Despite Blizzard conditions with visibility of 2 to 3 feet every noise artists arrived and performed proving that we are very likely all insane. The show carried on till 6AM featuring performances by MSBR, GOV'T ALPHA, ZIPPER SPY, EMIL BEAULIEAU, CRANK STURGEON, GAYLORD PASTERNAC, HOWIE STELZER & LOREN BOYER, SICKNESS, JASON LeSCALLEET, SKIN CRIME, BOBBY PERU, THORN KISSER. Highlights include Government Alpha's incredibly physical performance rolling over and demolishing Zero Times Infinity's scrap pile and Crank Sturgeon and Gaylord Pasternac topping themselves again (no words would do them justice - you must see this for yourself). An astonishingly great night. Zero Times Infinity performers were Deftly-D and Hex.

Fri Feb 19th 1999:

Highvolt Live #6 at 91.5 FM WJUL Lowell's studios - featuring ZERO TIMES INFINITY conducting P.E.#22, EMIL BEAULIEAU, GASR, ASMODEUS SPECTRE, UKUPHAMBANA, AMERICAN ELECTRONICS CORP. (members of BATTERY CAGE), ANDREW SZAVA-KOVATS (DATA BANK A and DOMINION), SICKNESS, OJAMOJ, and THE CATASTROPHE ORCHESTRA (with members of GASR, Ukuphambana, Battery Cage, AEC, Sleep Chamber and Zero Times Infinity). A great night that went from 9PM to past 5AM. Active Zero Times Infinity Performers were Deftly-D and Hex.

Thr Feb 18th 1999:

Performances by Nau-Zee-Aun, and a brief set by DJ Duct Tape Boy. The first show at the SpyRoom at Smithwicks in Lowell.

Sat Jan 16th 1999:

ZERO TIMES INFINITY PUBLIC EXPERIMENT #21. Live performance at the Portland Maine Fine Arts Cinema (formerly the old porno theater). One of the best environments ZTI has experienced yet. Featuring performances by Crank Sturgeon, Beaulieau, Zipperspy, Sickness, Lesser, The Toneburst Collective, Flux, Cathode, Mocha, and so many more. Deftly-D was credited with stage design for the noise side of the show and although performances by Ennui, Ukuphambana and Nau-Zee-Aun did not occur as scheduled, the crowd was still satisfied with the most destructive ZTI performance to date (including the decapitation of a microphone, sparks shot obliviously into the nearby crowd, and accidental sawing through the line to the mixing board as part of the equipment casualties). New instruments included a grinder (first stage use of power tools) and a shopping cart found in the aisles of the theater. Line up included Hex and Deftly-D. We are hoping to get video footage from part of this performance.

Sat Jan 16th 1999:

ZERO TIMES INFINITY PUBLIC EXPERIMENT #20. Return to RRRecords. RRRon said this was the best set he had heard ZTI do to date. An uncut recording of this set is under consideration to be released as a full cd. More info to come. Line up included Ennui, Hex and Deftly-D.


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